Taste the pleasure in couple,

in family or in group !


The Good rules of the PIRATE  :

  1. Wear the Life Jacket (fournis en toutes tailles)
  2. Respect the other boats (same rules as on the road)
  3. Keep the Navigation Map and respect the navigation’s zone.
  4. Ther will be everytime an adult on board
  5. Be safe et happy

With our 3 Canoës you can have a walk in a very quiet natural palce.
Life jackets and  maps are provided.
Ready to  Paddle !

Can the Little Sailors drink on Board

According to the  réglementation you can bring on board :

Furnished Champagne in an Iced Bag :

1/2 bt  champagne for 2 pers et  1bt ( 75cl ) for 4 pers

Your security is our priority ! Capitaine is responsable on board.